In August 2015, I experienced what I call a half-year crisis.


My last baby, as I had come to refer to him as in my heart, turned six months.


This being my second parenting rodeo, I was hyper aware of the time slipping by with each new solid food introduction. It was as if someone had placed an hourglass on my desk at work, and the grains trickled faster with every unread, flagged urgent email.

And I was no longer happy at work. As a marketing manager, I hired freelancers to do the more time-consuming writing projects that I wished I could be doing. That’s because I had to “free up” time to handle inventory fulfillment and invoices. Somewhere between hiking to a melting glacier and tiptoeing on eggshells to avoid another drive-by energy drain at the office, I made the decision to follow my heart.

I got off the Corporate train. The hourglass is still next to the stack of lifeless, vanilla file folders – right where I left it.

This is my journey to discovering what I want to be when I grow up and savoring those moments that matter along the way.



Will you join me?
Traveling is way more fun together. And I think we can learn a thing or two from one another.



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