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Going for a run, for me, is breathtaking in countless ways. It’s often when I find my mind is the most still. One afternoon about a month ago, I was on a paved path through some woods near my home and came upon a rather large tortoise. A sighting of this sort is not unique in Northeast Florida. But this time something made me stop. I inched toward the creature and showed my son who was in the stroller. The tortoise stayed put in the middle of the path not the slightest bit concerned with us or the giant jogging stroller. It made no motion to head toward anywhere. It paused as if to relax with the scenery and quietness of the afternoon. And so I did the same.

And I knew then that I too needed to stop in that moment to just be.

And that means…

Stop the to do list building.

Stop the plan making.

Stop the email checking.

Stop the comparing.

Stop the replaying.

Stop the worrying.

It means stopping the background chatter to truly take in the moment you are in and all that it has to offer.

That particular run and the purposefully placed, relaxed reptile gave me the breath I didn’t know I needed to take.


What breathtaking moment has caused you to pause? I’d love to hear from you.


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