Today makes seven. Seven years since we said “I do.” The day truly was all we hoped and planned. Man, did we ever plan! One cannot, however, plan for screeching sound system interruptions or the DJ playing the wrong version of Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours for the first dance. But the essential parts were all in place. We had adoring family, friends from near and far, and a mind-blowing, watercolor sunset as the backdrop. Some say life is made up of a few important days. And that day was without a doubt, one of ours.


Then someone hit fast forward.


It was our first anniversary. Traditional first anniversary gift is paper, and I was going to do this whole newlywed thing right. Side note: I gave up the “traditional” gifting a couple of years ago when life set in and am so happy I did. Year seven is wool, and that’s beyond impractical for our Florida sauna.

As a true sentimentalist, I created a mini scrapbook that had our wedding program, vows and a small write-up about our first year together and how we celebrated with a weekend getaway to Jekyll Island. You know, the kind where champagne and strawberries are in your room awaiting your arrival.

It has been important to me to keep this scrapbook as a sort of Our Life Together journal. Each year around this time, I reflect on the prevailing moments in my mind that make up the last 365 days. A trip to Italy, completing an Ironman, the birth of our children, the deaths of our grandparents, life changing crab cakes. I include a synopsis along with how we celebrated our anniversary and a handful of my favorite images from that year. It’s only about two pages each year.


I’m always amazed at how much love can fit into an 8×8 space.


As the years pass by, the “year in review” has gotten progressively longer, while the “how we celebrated” is a sentence or two at best, which is stark opposite from our first entry about our romantic escapade complete with ballroom dancing and late breakfasts.

Each year on our anniversary day, we start from the beginning and reread our story together. We’re able to see the pieces of our puzzle added with each passing year, and over time, creating this beautifully, imperfect picture we call our life.

After all, the years have a tendency to run together if you don’t pause. I think it’s important to reflect in whatever way works for you. As Jason sings it best, “Look into your heart and you’ll find love, love, love, love.”


How do you mark another year well-loved? I’d love to hear from you.


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