Just don’t quit your daydream.


The whimsically scripted quote caught my distracted eye while window-shopping. I immediately found the shimmery wall art to be the perfect inspiration piece to add to my home office, but alas, was not going to succumb to the inevitable resort pricing. Instead I decided to write about why these words nudged my heart and hopefully carry the message out of the tiny seaside boutique and into the homes and hearts of my fellow daydreamers.

What is it about a daydream that lets us float away? How can we capture that youthful, anything is possible mindset?

In my new life, I think I’m discovering some of those answers. And while they may wind up leading to more questions, I’m slowly learning to enjoy the journey to what’s next. Even if the exact destination is at times a bit blurry.

Daydreaming feels good.

We travel down paths we may otherwise be fearful to wander. 


And why not? We get to decide what it is that awaits us. There’s joy in being the playwright of our own story. Daydreaming lets us explore our hearts and can lead to real, creative revelations. Plus it’s an awesome stress reducer.

So don’t ever quit.

1. Exercise.

Work out your body and soul with the built-in daydream time that accompanies a solitary sweat session like a swim, jog or ride. Envision the person you want to become living the life you wish to create. Bonus: You’ll already be on your way to a healthier you.

2. Put Down Your Phone.

We check our mobile devices almost subconsciously. If there is a slight moment of unfilled time, we’re looking down at our palms. Sometimes it’s worth our time and often not. Try looking up. See what’s out your window and really watch it go by. Listen to your thoughts, and let your mind take you to that remote island in the Pacific instead of an Instagram post. You just might feel like you’re actually there – umbrella drink and all.

3. Acknowledge the Power of Positivity.

Think about what happiness looks like. Who is part of that dream? What fills your days? How did you arrive there? You may wind up building the future you crave and the steps to get there revealing themselves through open exploration. Give yourself that permission to get lost in wherever you have the pleasure to go.

4. Look Forward.

Put something on the calendar to look forward to like a lunch date with an old friend, 5k for your favorite charity, trip to a place you’ve never been. Studies show that the largest boost in happiness comes from the simple act of planning a vacation. Make use of a daydream to live out events before they’re here and have the luxury of enjoying them more than once.

5. Know There’s No Wrong Way.

There’s no right way to give in to the mind’s wanderlust. Research tells us that daydreaming actually is productive. If it means putting on a song that brings you back to an easy breezy college summer or pairing an outfit for a night out. The refreshing thing about daydreaming is that you can really do it anytime and in anyplace. So take 10 and let your mind out.

While I did quit my day job, I believe in my heart of hearts it was so I could follow my daydream.


What keeps you daydreaming? I’d love to hear from you.


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