What’s the magic in summer? Is it the sense of calm that comes from freedom to slow down a smidge? Or maybe it’s the bottled up excitement for a week at the beach that cannot get here soon enough. We enjoy longer days to fill up with dips in the pool and dripping ripe watermelon.


There’s much to savor between now and September, so go on, your soulments are waiting for you.



Soak up the sun. But don’t forget the SPF.
Nothing feels like summer more than rays of sunshine. While the temps can soar, snippets of time to feel the sun’s radiating warmth can do wonders for the soul. My family in Norway spends much of the winter months with only a couple hours of light a day. I always remember them coming to visit us in sunny Florida and wanting to just sit outside and breath in the vitamin D.

So seize the day (and the light) but don’t forget the sunscreen – coming from the fair-skinned Scandinavian who loves her long-sleeved rash guard.


Table some to do’s.
Treating the leather sofa, resealing the counter tops, organizing the disheveled stack of prints from summers past get handed down to every new “to do” list I create. Leave that “gotta get to” for later when the weather is far less dazzling. Instead make another loop on your walk and stop to catch up with a neighbor instead of rushing to catch up on life. Go ahead and read another chapter of the season’s can’t-put-down bestseller. Say ok to sprinkler games at dusk.

There’s no better time than now to soak it all in.


Remember what it’s like to be a kid.
Someone should find a way to bottle the last day of school euphoria. The anticipation and wide-open spaces of an entire summer was nothing short of intoxicating. We can take a page from our own book and rekindle that free spirit at least for the afternoon. Tell stories using character shapes in the clouds. Forgive sticky popsicle fingers. And whatever you do, don’t let the self-conscious back talk keep you from going down the waterslide.

Kids don’t care about the size of their thighs and neither should we.


Tans fade but memories last forever.
Summer can be palm tree silhouettes with a watercolor sunset backdrop. Or perhaps it’s refreshing waterfall hikes or playful water balloon crusades. Whatever might crystallize summertime for you, remember to seek out those opportunities to explore with each of your senses. You’ll build sandcastles of unclouded memories if you notice the details. So breath in and out with the ocean, smell the rain, taste the cherry on top.

Savor summer’s sweetness. It comes only but once a year.


How are you living out summer? I’d love to hear from you.


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