You tucked them away for safe keeping. Eventually, you come across the tiny treasures of the hospital bracelet, inked footprints, and first family photo that’s been misplaced. And then you remember why. You picture the unfinished baby book abandoned on the shelf and see the best of intentions.

The reality of year one

Traditional fill-in baby books have not quite joined us in this digital age. Yet they continue to be a sort of rite of passage with an iconic nature that stands the test of time. Children can page through and marvel at the beginning of their story.  Parents can reflect on a monumental time and the sweet details that have faded over the years or decades. Sure we create new memories as seasons change, but that doesn’t take away the beautiful nostalgia from moments passed.

Taking the time to play historian that first year can be extra tiring when your exhaustion has already reached new heights. It’s two weeks past month three and you’re just remembering to take the photo to match months one and two. Where are those onesie month stickers, anyway?

You might not be thinking about that book in the nursery patiently waiting to be opened to see the likes of a pen or glued photo.  And when you do remember that forgotten book, you’re in line at the store restocking the diaper supply. Or maybe you’re thinking a silent “thank you” for time to sit down, nevermind that it’s at the pediatrician’s office.

You finally face the reality that this baby book is just not happening this year.

A change of pace for the pace of mommyhood

Soulments does the baby book thing with a little more thought and love for tired mammas. We know that your phone, much like your baby, is always with you. It’s where your sea of photos and videos go and generally stay put. Where you jot down notes of things you don’t want to forget and then forget to look at it. It’s how you text that too-funny-for-words photo to your husband. It’s amazing that you can muster a pithy caption despite two and half hours of total sleep last night.

As moms, we already capture our children’s lives with our phones. That open-mouth toothless grin, a first questionable taste of sweet potatoes, a delighted squeal when it’s time for play-doh fun. Why not use that goodness to shape a baby book as you go all while creating that organized treasure box of life’s moments?

Thoughtful reminders when you want them      

What if you could be gently reminded to take that monthly photo on the right day? Or reply to a quick question about your baby’s recent milestone instead of you having to rely on your own overworked memory?

Custom notifications based on your child’s birthdate mean you never miss an opportunity to reflect on those important moments. Those entries, along with the photos of important mementos and moments, can be added to a printed baby book so you build it over time collecting memory by sweet memory. Inspirational, mindfulness-based parenting prompts help you create the heartfelt reflections you will love reading again and again.

We do the work for you

When you are ready to print, we go to work on creating a custom, hardbound book for you and your little one to treasure through the years. We print only when you are completely wowed by how your Soulments entries have come together.

Baby books, much like your relationship with your child, grow in depth and meaning as time goes on. But we know how that overwhelming weight of an empty book feels.

It’s why we decided to take the baby book in baby steps.

At Soulments, we have a special place in our heart for stories—especially the beginnings. We’d love to help you tell yours.

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