What’s a Soulment?

It’s a moment that touches your soul.

Maybe it’s a…

  • Funny question posed at the dinner table
  • Video of the first time on two wheels
  • Story behind an old family photo
  • Your child’s artwork and what inspired it
  • Reflection on a proud moment


It’s any moment you want to remember as time drifts on.


How to use Soulments

We created something that made capturing life’s moments easy – leaving you with more time to make the memories you cherish with those who you adore.

How to edit a Soulment

Capture those special moments before they disappear! You can always edit later by updating text, adding or removing a photo or video, or even changing the date for any of your soulments in your Soulments memories app.

 1. Pick the memory you want to update.

Choose your memory in the memory book app

2. Three dots will provide options to edit or delete.

edit a memory in the memory book app

3. Make changes or add to existing memories.

edit a memory in the memory book app

4. View your photos and play your videos in full screen.

view memories in full resolution in memory book app

How to use your custom notifications

The power of Soulments is in our thoughtful prompts and notifications that we crafted just for you – with your children’s names and ages in mind. Be sure to have your notifications turned on because that’s how you’ll get the most out of Soulments.

Pro mom tip: You turn them on in your iPhone Settings. 

1. When a notification comes in, just tap it to create a new memory for safe-keeping.

custom baby book notification in memory book app

2. Or see past notifications by tapping the bell.

see past custom baby book and mindful journaling prompt notifications


3. Answer thoughtful prompts.

custom baby book and mindful journaling notifications


4. Save your moments always.

espond to a notification in memory capturing app


5. Remove past prompts.

remove custom journaling prompts and memory book notifications

How to share a Soulment

We’re here to make mom life a bit easier. You can share a Soulment to an email or Facebook right from the app while keeping your precious memories organized and safe in one heartfelt place.

1. Select your photo or video.

share a memory right from the journal app


2. Three dots will give you options.

share a photo or video right from the memory app


3. Select by email or to Facebook.

share to email or social media right from the digital scrapbook app

Did you find this helpful? Or do you still have a question? Write to us anytime at hello@soulments.com. We’d love to help you get the most out of your Soulments memories app.

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