Celebrating Mother’s Day with brunch or nice family dinner is lovely, as is a handmade anything. How about trying one of these non-traditional ways to make a memory that’s sure to last longer than even the largest bottle of perfume?

Make a memory for Mother’s Day that will find a place in her heart to stay.

Take a mindful nature walk

It’s not by accident that Mother’s Day falls in the Spring. It’s generally a pleasant time of year to head outdoors, so take the opportunity to get out and just be together in nature. Try silencing device distractions and see how many more tiny details you notice. Maybe Mom picks a new trail off the beaten path to wander. Or count how many different birds or animals that cross your path and make up names for them as you go. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers to dress up the dinner table tonight. Spending time together and being present for the experience and each other is an easy and unexpected gift.

Stage an “unperfect” photoshoot

Most often Moms aren’t in the photos because they are on the other side being the faithful family historian. And it’s those slice-of-life, candid moments that have a way of capturing the emotion and life stages. Have a neighbor or extended family member take 15 minutes for an impromptu photo session and just snap away. Spend time playing catch outside, making a meal in the kitchen, or playing a board game – anything you do together in real life. There’s no need to worry about perfect poses or lighting. Just be in the moment and have someone there to capture it. It can be fun to capture some video, too.

Create a masterpiece

Gather the supplies for a family art project that everyone can put their mark on, and surprise Mom with the activity. A collaborative family comic strip can illustrate a recent celebration or something funny that happened this past year. Smaller children can use their hands and feet dipped in paint to capture the day and how little they are. Build a table centerpiece out of recyclables making Mom and Mother Earth smile. A quick Pinterest search is ripe with ideas.

Make some music

Music makes memories brighter. Each family member picks a couple of songs that make them think of her and shares why. Make an album cover and create a playlist that she can sing and smile along with whether in the car, during a workout, or while completing the countless things that she does every day.

Fill the Mom bucket

Start a Mom bucket list by asking everyone to include something they want to do with Mom – visit a park, take a hot air balloon ride, learn how to make a family recipe. Give her the bucket of memories yet to be made as her gift, and start checking things off the list. Now you have ideas for next year’s Mother’s Day celebration.

These unique ideas for how to celebrate Mother’s Day bring everyone a little closer and that’s sure to be Mom’s greatest gift.

Remember to capture the day in Soulments so you can reflect back on the memories made and the love that brings you together. Keep track of the moments you want to hold onto and build a book of memories as you go.

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