We’ve all been there. You’re about to snap a photo of that “too cute for words” moment. Then without warning, the “out of storage” message pops up. Not now! Of all the times! It’s time to declutter your device (again). But the thought of going through and organizing all the photos and videos that have lovingly taken up ALL your phone’s memory feels more overwhelming than laundry piled up after a vacation.

It’s time to take that walk down memory lane to do some much-needed organizing of the digital clutter that has piled up. So you open your photos and think to yourself yet again that there has to be an easier way to keep your photos and videos organized as you go.

We’ve compiled these helpful tips so you can spend less time organizing your memories and more time making them.

Heart the favorites weekly

It’s so easy to capture digitally, which means we have five photos of the same thing trying to get that perfect shot where everyone is looking and smiling. Take a few minutes each week to go through your photos and videos. Maybe you have some downtime waiting in the carpool line or at an appointment to delete the duplicate shots, trim videos to include just the good snippets, and mark your favorites with a heart.

organizing photos editing live photo

Pro Mom Tip :: Set your iPhone’s camera to “Live.” This camera feature (available on the iPhone 6s model and newer) captures sound and movement a second and a half before and after a photo is taken. You can edit the photo by sliding the frame to the best part. Click here for more Live Photo tips from Apple.

Use modern photo albums

You can probably remember turning the pages of your grandma’s photo albums. The same ones that are probably still tucked away in a closet on the highest shelf. Thankfully our devices have resurrected photo albums but in a simpler format that doesn’t collect dust. You can create albums within your photos to organize your memories based on location, people, time period, or however you’d like to make it easy to look back on your favorites.

Pro Mom Tip :: Create and name an album before you head off to an event like a vacation or holiday celebration where you know you will be taking a lot of photos and videos. Remember to add your edited photos to the album for safe keeping and easy reference so when you are sharing the special memories with others you can quickly pull up the event album with all your favorites in one spot. Here’s a helpful step-by-step guide on albums.

Savor the stories

If you enjoy reflecting and capturing the stories behind the moments but don’t want to share on social media for a host of growing reasons, then find an easy-to-use app like Soulments that organizes your favorite photos, videos and also allows for captions or short stories. That way you can remember why everyone is laughing in a favorite photo or what your child said while on a recent adventure.

Pro Mom Tip :: Find an app that will send timely prompts that will remind you to capture the milestones like birthdays, holidays and the everyday moments you know one day you’ll forget. Soulments has a whole host of prompts created by a psychologist who is passionate about mindfulness, gratitude journaling and is also mom to two young kiddos.

Yearly collages simplified

With all your memories organized in one heartfelt place, it’s as easy as cake to create a baby book, family yearbook or travel log at the end of the year. You’ve already done the hard part by curating your favorites, and if they are storied in an app like Soulments, you can add your memories to a printed keepsake photo book with a few taps.

Pro Mom Tip :: If you love the videos you’ve captured, try your hand at a video montage by putting favorite photos and videos in chronological order, adding text to the bottom, and setting it to a music soundtrack of your favorite songs from the year. iMovie is an easy-to-use tool for creating videos, and here’s a helpful how-to post from our friends at Honestly Modern.

Interested in learning how Soulments makes capturing life’s moments easy while keeping your precious moments private? We’d love to share.

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