Fill-in-the-blank baby books were a rite of passage for our moms and grandmas, but in an increasingly digital world baby books often sit empty. Struggling to fit them in can make moms feel like they’ve failed before they’ve even started—but we actually have better tools than our moms and grandmas!

We can make our baby books on-the-go, capturing and organizing our memories in a way that seamlessly converts to a printed baby book. Digital apps like Soulments are there to help you every step of the way.


While there’s no shortage of resources on what to expect when you’re expecting, this guide is meant to inspire first-time moms with ways to enjoy this special time even more—capturing meaningful memories during their pregnancy without interrupting their day.


Pregnancy journaling prompts for first-time moms

Many first-time moms pick up a journal again because they want to save their pregnancy memories. While the most common way to record those months is a series of photos from bump to full-term belly, there are SO many important memories you’ll want to look back on, especially for first-time moms.

To remind you to capture the good stuff in a private and safe place, pregnancy prompts really help, especially when they’re in sync with your pregnancy. Soulments prompts are packed with ideas for sweet additions to your baby book, and here are just a few of them!

  • When did you find out you were pregnant?
  • How did you share the news?
  • How did you find out the gender?
  • When did you first feel the baby kick?
  • What’s a memorable story from pregnancy?
  • What is the inspiration for the nursery?
  • What is the best part about being pregnant?
  • How do you feel about becoming a mom?
  • What was your baby shower like?
  • How did you decide on a name?


Sorting through emotions

Journaling the good and the not-so-great times can nurture a more positive outlook.

While pregnancy can be an exciting time for many first-time moms, it can also bring on feelings of anxiety and fear about the unknown and what life will be like once baby arrives. The beauty of a private journal is that it’s for YOU and free of judgment from others. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a few words or a photo that reflects how you’re feeling that day.

A flurry of hormones flood in during pregnancy and can impact our emotions in surprising ways. It also varies from month to month; fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone in your bloodstream can make you especially moody during the first trimester.


Next time you feel overwhelmed, it can be helpful to ask yourself what is currently happening in the moment.


Jotting down your thoughts, feelings and the changes you’re experiencing can have significant mental health benefits. Writing and then reading how you felt through different parts of your pregnancy can be valuable as you grow as a person and into your new role as a mom.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, it can be helpful to ask yourself what is currently happening in the moment, advises Dr. Brittany Carswell, a psychologist who specializes in treating anxiety and depression in women.

“Bring yourself back to where you are, not where your mind is taking you. Look around. Take in what you see. Appreciate. Chances are things are nowhere near as bad as your brain is making it seem,” Dr. Carswell says.


Capture your bump, leave out the pressure

Show your personality!

Celebrate your growing belly in a real-life way that feels right for you. Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, there’s no shortage of inspiration on how to style your bump, track your bump week by week and even show the side-by-side of baby inside and baby outside.

But don’t let the perfection of social media dampen your desire to capture your own pregnancy.


No-stress “bump photo” ideas

Display the week by holding up a chalkboard or felt letter board.

Whether the backdrop is a sports game, date night, at the beach or on a hike, snap a photo wherever you’re already going! This makes it easy to recount the places you (and baby!) visited during your pregnancy.

Pose with the weekly fruit or vegetable to show baby’s current size.

Add text to your favorite side-view photos using a photo editing app like Canva or Over—add the week, a funny comment or the “bump size” of your waist.

Mention funny milestones like “can no longer tie my own shoes.”

Other pregnancy memories can include your current food likes and dislikes!


A diary for the new age

Pregnancy memory-capturing app designed for first-time moms

With the Soulments app, you will be reminded to capture your pregnancy memories with heartfelt journal prompts based on your due date. Add unlimited photos, videos and text to document your journey. Then, when baby makes his or her debut, you simply add their name and birthday to get first-year prompts helping you to create the baby book as you go.

Journaling is one of the best ways to cherish your unique journey into motherhood and remember that special time before baby arrives. We hope you find it helpful and would love to hear how you document your journey. Write to us or share in the comments!

Let’s get started saving your pregnancy memories!


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