Nowadays, it seems like you can do anything with a smartphone – even make a digital scrapbook to chronicle your life story.

Over the years, smartphones have become the ultimate multi-tools. In 2016, Maryville University noted how there was a whopping 63% year-over-year increase in mobile traffic. Fast-forward to the present day, and TechJury details the upward trajectory mobile traffic is on, with four billion unique mobile internet users recorded in January of this year. This technology has opened up a myriad of creative avenues that anyone can take advantage of – whether it’s professionals looking to boost their career or a loving parent who needs a creative outlet.

One of the best things people have been doing with smartphones is taking photos and documenting events with exceptional ease, all of which was a lot harder a decade or so ago. Furthermore, today’s photos come with all sorts of filters, editing tools, captions, and designs for anyone to use. Indeed, even the simple act of drawing, making collages, or scrapbooking, which are traditionally done using art supplies, have conveniently made their way to smartphones that fit in the palm of your hand. That said, simply taking photos is no longer enough, as it’s easy for important memories to get buried under thousands of other photos in your album. Thankfully, digital scrapbooking is a convenient and fun way to keep track of all your best moments and share them with those you love.

Tips for Creating a Digital Scrapbook
Digital scrapbooking is more beneficial than you might think. For one thing, users can benefit from the soothing and satisfying feelings that come with digital journals no matter how busy they may be. According to a psychologist from New York University, crafts like scrapbooking can take away negative feelings like worry, anger, and anxiety. These advantages are now totally within your reach, as user-friendly scrapbook apps can be stored on your phone, which you can access any time you want.

Get creative. When using your chosen digital scrapbooking app, feel free to be as creative as you want with the designs and captions. It doesn’t matter if it feels silly to write or design the pages – do it anyway! Be as honest as you can and really write what you feel at that moment. After all, these pages are for you and those closest to your heart who can appreciate your creative documentation.

Choose the best memories. Try to highlight your best moments, as it can be helpful to flip through those digital pages when you’re feeling down. Capture things like your baby’s first steps, their first day at school, or even their first time tasting ice cream! While some moments may seem mundane, you’ll find that you will grow to value them over the years.

Be consistent. Once you get into the habit of digital scrapbooking, stick to it and be as consistent as you can. You wouldn’t want to look through your masterpiece a few years later only to find several gaps! It doesn’t have to be a daily thing, but commit to documenting something at least once a month. This will ensure that you have a comprehensive scrapbook that tells a story that makes sense for you and your family to enjoy in the future.

Why Soulments?
With all this in mind, Soulments is a mindful journal app that focuses on you and your precious moments. It sends you thoughtful prompts customized with your family member’s names and even your children’s ages, inspiring you to keep track of your favorite memories. Soulments encourages users to capture the stories that come with photos, creating unique and memorable pages you and your family can look back on — all stored in a private, accessible, and heartfelt place.


This post was written especially for soulments.com by R. Chevalier.

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