What is soulments? 

I have always loved memories. As a child, I spent hours looking through old photo albums. My favorites were mine and my brother’s baby books because I loved finding something new I hadn’t noticed before. Then came scrapbooking vacations and our wedding story. And once I became a mom, my desire to capture moments went into overdrive. I worked tirelessly on my children’s baby books making sure every sweet memory and milestone was there in detail forever etching it into my heart. Yearly video montages make sure the funny mispronunciations or cookie dance won’t be lost with the passing phase. I suppose it’s my way of making time stand still.

When I embarked on my mindfulness journey, I changed. I found that living with awareness and appreciation for the small (and big) things naturally breeds more grace and love.

And when it comes to love, my grandmother, Omi, as I called her, was my biggest fan. She nearly survived WWII in Nazi Germany by only minutes. She went on to marry an American soldier and begin her new life here in the U.S. Her passing was my nudge to follow my dream just like she did and just as she is surely cheering me on to do from above.

Soulments are moments for your soul.

The story behind the dandelion in the logo is layered, much like itself. We can likely remember at some point coming across a dandelion, picking it up to blow, watching its petals drift away, and in that moment, making a wish. The idea behind soulments is to savor those fleeting moments so they don’t get swept away with the passing breeze or fading years. In my heart, I believe there is love and gratitude and compassion where there are memories. But we so often forget those moments that touched us during the course of our day, weeks, years.

And maybe we’re not supposed to share our wishes, but I’m ok with breaking that rule. My dandelion wish is to help people cherish their memories. Soulments will do that.


A little about Katrine 

Traveler:  First-generation American with Norwegian and German roots hence the ending e instead of a in my name. I have found there is no grander teacher than exploration.

Writer:  I love words and how they feel. As the one-lady show at Cerulean Communications, I help brands connect with audiences in meaningful ways through PR, marketing and content generation.

Runner:  A vice, hobby and therapy all in one. 

Learner:  I am in constant awe of the mind’s strength and its ability to be trained. It’s that amazement that gets me lost in the self-help book “aisle” on Amazon.

Meditator:  I have discovered a pathway to savor life and all the moments that make up the short time here.

Mom:  I am lucky to be called by two amazing kiddos who make me see the journey in new ways every day. I want to be the best version of me…for them.

Partner:  To the world’s best pancake maker who coached me to an Ironman finish and is my fan club. He’s my perfect match to be doing life with.

Advocate:  Mostly I champion kindness toward ourselves and one another. I support Moms Demand Action because we have to #disarmhate if we’re going to end the senseless and tragic taking of lives. I’m part of the movement toward #betterbeauty through education, creating safer products for our families, and shifting public policy by fighting for stronger laws on cosmetic ingredients as a consultant for Beautycounter.

Sentimentalist:  Insane passion for documenting life and the blessings that have come along for the ride.

My Dream:  Inspire others to collect moments over things.

Thanks for visiting Soulments. I hope you stay a while.